Makes decisions based on evidence and limited reach of government.


Stands up for values and will work hard to represent the citizens of District 14.


Knows that good policy only comes from listening to the expertise of many.

Being a woman of the Plains, I truly appreciate the perfect balance between nature and city that makes South Dakota such a wonderful place to live. I am honored to run for District 14 Senate, and to build upon our core values of ingenuity and hard work.

As a Republican, my key priorities will preserve what is best about South Dakota, and guarantee future success:

Healthy Families

A great state is built on strong families. Policy should help families thrive in mind, body and spirit.

Education: Our future rests on K-12 and higher education. My kids were launched in Sioux Falls public schools, and I will stand for quality education.

Health: Policy needs to support prevention and wellness. Health care should be accessible to all. When people are vulnerable, there needs to be reliable assistance to help.

Quality of life: Our state needs to be a safe place to live, with a robust economy that gives families the freedom to make their own decisions for things that matter most.

Principled Spending

As a fiscal conservative, I believe in spending to match our income. Government must be held accountable, with a fair and equitable tax structure.

Business Friendly

A strong, diversified economy brings good jobs. And good jobs make all the difference. I will support pro-growth, minimal regulation business environment that fosters entrepreneurs, small business owners and companies.


I have lived in South Dakota for 31 years, where my husband Jerry and I have made a home for our 3 children and a name in our community. My life has been grounded in caring for others, in my role as a mother, my work as Registered Nurse, my service to Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, my position as the Director of Women's Health at Avera McKennan, and my passion for helping South Dakota thrive.

Leadership Experience

  • Director of Women's Health at Avera McKennan
  • Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
  • SD Board of Nursing (past president)
  • SD Nurses Association (past president)
  • SDSU Council of Trustees
  • National Women in Balance Board of Directors
  • Sioux Falls Community Health Board
  • USF Center for Women Advisory Board